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  • Quick order collection in a few seconds
  • Accessible nonstop, day and night
  • Available even in your town

AlzaBoxes for
your online shop

Nonstop collection points for your customers across the Slovak Republic

  • Use AlzaBoxes for your business
  • Join our logistics platform open to all online shops and carriers
  • Access to an order collection option whose popularity is growing fast
  • 298 AlzaBoxes available to our customers
  • Absolutely safe and contactless order collection
  • Easy connection via API
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AlzaBoxes on
your property

Give a home to an AlzaBox on your property

  • Earn extra money by renting space for an AlzaBox
  • Get new customers for your shop nearby
  • Create a smart collection point for orders from online shops and top carriers
  • Courier traffic will be reduced in places with AlzaBoxes
  • Locals can benefit from quick and safe order collection
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How AlzaBoxes Work

  1. Add goods to the shopping cart

    Choose goods on Alza.sk and add them to your shopping cart.

  2. Select AlzaBox delivery

    Select personal pickup and then choose the closest AlzaBox on the map.

  3. Wait for a confirmation SMS

    Wait for an SMS with a collection code.

  4. Wait for a confirmation SMS

    Collect your order from the selected AlzaBox anytime you want.

Watch our video about AlzaBoxes

How to Use AlzaBox?

  1. Enter the code on the display

    On the touchscreen display, enter the authorisation code from the SMS or e-mail your received.

  2. Pay with your card

    If you haven't paid for your order in advance, you can use your card at AlzaBox.

  3. Box opens

    After you've paid for the order, the box with your order opens.

  4. Collect your order

    Collect your order. Follow the information on the display to see whether your order is divided into multiple boxes.

  5. Close the box

    After removing the package, close the box / boxes.

Why Use AlzaBoxes?

  1. Safety


    AlzaBoxes are safe. They are perfect for customers who prefer contactless collection.

  2. Availability


    AlzaBoxes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can find them throughout the Slovak Republic.

  3. Speed


    AlzaBoxes are fast. You can collect your order in no time, without queuing.

Smart tip: Pay for your order in advance and save money. With online payments, AlzaBox delivery costs only 1.8 EUR, so you'll save 0.8 EUR compared to payment upon collection.

We are looking for a home for hundreds of new AlzaBoxes

Would you like to see an AlzaBox in your area and know the right place? Please fill in the form.

AlzaBox Map


How to use AlzaBox in 3 simple steps.
  1. Enter the authorisation code on the keypad.
  2. Collect your package. Close the box after.
  3. Done. Thank you. Enjoy your purchase.
When will the order be delivered to AlzaBox?

For up-to-date information on delivery times can be found when you select AlzaBox in the shopping cart.

How long do I have to pick up my order from the AlzaBox?

2 days from its delivery. After that, the order is then cancelled and returned. 24 hours before it gets returned, you will receive a text message and an email informing you about your last chance to collect it.

What happens to my order if it's been paid but I cannot collect it in time?

The order will be cancelled and credited and your money will be refunded.

Is it safe to store orders in AlzaBoxes?

AlzaBoxes are secured by an alarm and a camera system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If my larger order takes up several boxes, do I still only pay for one delivery?

Yes, you only pay one delivery fee, no matter the size of the order.

What is the maximum package size that can fit in an AlzaBox?

You will find out the maximum size directly when making your order. If the goods are bulkier, the system will not allow you to choose AlzaBox delivery.

Is it possible to track the order? Will I know the precise delivery time?

After placing your order, you will receive an email with a link that will allow you to track the progress of your order and delivery time via our website.

How do I collect my order?

When your order arrives to the selected AlzaBox, you will receive an SMS with an authorisation code. The box containing your order can be opened by entering the authorisation code.

How do payments work?

It is possible to pay for your order with AlzaBox delivery in advance when creating the order or on the spot by card.

How much is AlzaBox delivery?

For up-to-date delivery costs, please select AlzaBox delivery in the shopping cart. The AlzaBox delivery is 2.60 EUR as standard and 1.8 EUR with advance payments.

Why Join AlzaBoxes?

We are not only an eshop, but also an IT company and we are professionals in what we do.

  • AlzaBox network

    Largest AlzaBox network and fastest expansion

  • Proven company

    We are a thriving company with years of experience

  • Our own solutions

    Complete custom system solution

  • Camera system

    Camera system with recording in every AlzaBox

  • Our own web administration

    Our own web administration

  • Large capacity

    Up to 100 boxes per 5m2

  • Smart locks

    Smart locks and lights in every AlzaBox

  • Notification in case of suspicious manipulation

    Notification in case of unauthorised manipulation

What do you get?

  • Ability to deliver to more than 1,000 AlzaBoxes
  • Up to 100 boxes for delivery per 5m2
  • 24/7 collection availability for your customers
  • 24/7 Alza.sk support
  • Ready API for connection incl. technical assistance from Alza.sk

What does Alza offer?

  • You get more than 100,000 boxes for your customers
  • Alza.sk fully manages AlzaBoxes in all countries where they are located
  • Alza.sk has a large team of technicians (CZ/SK/HU)
  • Alza.sk guarantees to resolve any outage within 12 hours
  • Our customers can use AlzaBoxes in a contactless way and nonstop

What do you get by using AlzaBoxes as a partner - carrier or online shop?

  • Access to the fastest growing and most popular delivery method. Alza already delivers over 30% of its shipments to AlzaBoxes.
  • New distribution channel that accommodates hundreds of thousands of shipments per day.
  • The most cost-effective last mile delivery solution.
  • No obligations arise from a commercial contract until a box is reserved in AlzaBox.
  • Additional delivery revenue for quality customer service.

What are AlzaBoxes and how do they work?

  • Self-service boxes found all over the country for quick and contactless order collection
More about AlzaBoxes and where to find them

Model Example of Using AlzaBox for Online Shop

How does it work? Your customer makes a purchase in your online shop, selects AlzaBox delivery and picks up the goods.

  1. Customer makes a purchase

    Customer makes a purchase

    Your customer makes a purchase on your online shop as usual and selects AlzaBox delivery.

  2. Goods are dispatched

    Goods are dispatched

    Your online shop dispatches the goods with the carrier to the AlzaBox selected by the customer.

  3. Send notification

    Send notification

    After placing the goods in the AlzaBox, notify the customer with a request to quickly collect the package.

  4. Customer collects the order

    Customer collects the order

    The customer collects the goods and Alza.sk invoices the online shop for the rental of the box in the AlzaBox.

How Can Your Online Shop Join?

Easily. Contact your carrier who delivers to AlzaBoxes, they will handle everything for you. You can also register your online shop, connect your API and use AlzaBoxes.

  1. Registration


    Fill out the simple form found on the page below and send it to us.

  2. Approval

    We'll approve your registration

    We will email you an approved application and further details, including the terms and conditions.

  3. Connect through API

    Connect through API

    You can connect to our API or get in touch with our technical department if something's not clear.

  4. Done

    Use AlzaBoxes

    Once connected, you can use our AlzaBoxes for your customers. Quick and contactless order collection.

API - find out how the collaboration works from a technical point of view.
API is an open interface that allows your system to reserve space in AlzaBoxes.

API documentation

I am interested in using AlzaBoxes

If you would like your orders to be delivered to AlzaBoxes, fill out this form and we'll reach out.

Information about the processing of personal data
  • Controller of personal data: Alza.cz a.s., ID: 27082440
  • The purpose of personal data processing: Communication regarding the use of AlzaBox
  • Legal grounds for processing: Steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract
  • More information

How Does It Work?

All you need to do is fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible. The AlzaBox location should be available 24/7 and only requires electricity access. Alza pays for the preparation of the electrical connection and provides the installation of the AlzaBox. All we need is your interest and cooperation.

What do we arrange for you?

  • We prepare the spot
  • We install and launch the AlzaBox
  • We provide follow-up services
  • 24/7 support over the phone

What does an AlzaBox need?

  • Visible place where it is possible to park a car temporarily
  • Area of at least 5 x 1 m, ideally already paved
  • Electricity access 230 V
  • Availability for the public and suppliers 24/7

What does an AlzaBox look like and what are its dimensions?

  • Height 2.480 mm, width 620 mm, length 4 520 mm
I want to give a home to an AlzaBox

Why join AlzaBox?

We are not only an eshop, but also an IT company and we are professionals in what we do.

  • AlzaBox network

    Earn extra income for renting space for AlzaBox on your property

  • Proven Company

    You'll expand your service offer with an innovative order collection method, creating new infrastructure for local residents

  • Our own solutions

    You will gain new customers who will be coming to your shop, restaurant or hotel

  • Camera System

    A smart delivery point will be created for orders from Alza.sk and other TOP delivery services

  • Our Own Web Administration

    Courier traffic on roads where AlzaBoxes are installed will be reduced

  • Large Capacity

    Local residents will get a convenient, safe and quick shopping and order collection option

I want to give home to an AlzaBox

Fill out this form and we'll reach out.

Information about the processing of personal data
  • Administrator of personal data: Alza.cz a.s., ID number: 27082440
  • Purpose of personal data processing: Communication regarding the use of AlzaBox
  • Legal basis of processing: Pre-contractual measures at the subject of data request
  • More information

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