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How to choose the right cream for men?


Gentlemen, be honest. Do you often use your partner's creams or do you look after your skin with cosmetics designed specifically for men? If you have at least one face cream in the bathroom that is labeled „for MEN“, we salute you. However, if you use your partner's cosmetics, you should pay close attention to the following lines. We will explain the difference between female and male skin and explain why female creams on male faces do not do what they promise. We will also advise you on choosing the right men's face cream, what wrinkle cream will help you, which skin care products for men you will be happy with, whether it is important to use eye cream for men and what is the best men's cosmetics.

Jak vybrat krém pro muže

Female and male skin is not the same

Although female and male skin do not seem very different at first glance, there are significant differences between the two.

Men's skin is different from that of woman because :

  • It is oily (contains more sebaceous glands)
  • It is denser (thicker and therefore more resistant)
  • It is more porous
  • It is warmer (due to increased blood flow)
  • It loses collagen and elastin more slowly (therefore, it shows signs of aging much later than female skin)
  • It has a lower pH on the surface
  • It is dominated by male sex hormones (these affect the formation of wrinkles, follicles under the eyes, sagging of facial features, pore enlargement and pigmentation)

Mužská pleť

When do wrinkles occur in men and women?

Feminine skin is much drier than that of men, and so it ages earlier. Therefore, there is a huge amount of cosmetics for women on the market divided not only by skin type, but mainly by age of women. You can't find that within male products.

Testosterone in male skin causes more subcutaneous sebum production and therefore men age slowlier than women. However, as wrinkles begin to appear on men's faces, aging is relatively rapid and changes are more visible. Men are also more at risk of losing muscle and skin sagging, so they look more tired than women of certain age.

Male skin is also more stressed than female skin. This is due to regular shaving, which deprives the skin of the top layer of skin cells and reveals new, immature and sensitive skin.

i Up to 40% of men suffer from increased skin sensitivity and skin-related shaving problems.

All these factors should be taken into account when choosing the appropriate cream for men.

Vrásky u mužů

How To Select Men's Face Cream |

To sum it all up, male skin really differs significantly from female skin. Therefore, it also requires a different approach and special cosmetic products that respect its unique biological properties.

Čištění mužské pleti
Men's skin cleansing

Regular skin cleansing helps face getting rid of excess sebum, clogged pores, prevents pimples and removes unpleasant facial shine. Clean the skin ideally twice a day, ie in the morning and evening. 

Skin cleansers do not dry the skin like soap does.

  • Cleansing gels - quickly dissolves dirt and refresh your skin. 
  • Cleansing Emulsions - In addition to cleaning, it protects the skin from irritation during shaving.
  • Peelings - provide deep skin cleansing, thoroughly cleanse pores, remove dead skin cells and correct dull and careless visage. Use peeling 2-3 times a week.
Hydratační krém pro muže
Face creams for men

Moisturizing creams can prevent skin irritation during shaving, drying out and loss of elasticity. Just massage them onto your skin 1× a day. 

Choose the cream according to your skin problems.

  • Moisturizing creams for men - ideal for dry and stressed skin caused by everyday shaving.
  • Men's anti-wrinkle creams - restore skin firmness and elasticity, smooths wrinkles. 
  • Problematic skin - effective ingredients in creams actively fight sebum and acne.
  • Eye creams for men - care for delicate and sensitive eye area.
  • You can choose from many excellent brands, eg. Biotherm Homme, Nivea, L'ORÉAL or Eucerin cream for men..

How To Care For Male Skin While Shaving

The average man can shave more than 16,000 times in his life. As a result of shaving, the skin becomes more sensitive and reacts quickly to any irritation. And so it needs to be given special care.

1. Use shaving products

Protect your skin while shaving and reduce skin irritation by appropriate shaving cosmetics. They help the shaving razor or razor blade slide easily and prevent cuts and abrasions.

2. Use products for sensitive skin

Aggressive cosmetics can make your skin loose natural skin lipids. After shaving, a rash, redness, pimples, etc. may appear on the face. Treat your skin with antibacterial creams for sensitive skin.

3. A clean and sharp razor is essential

Shaving with blunt shaving razor is the worst thing you can do for your skin. Always use sharp tools to avoid increased skin irritation and make the shaving as smooth as possible.

4. Shave your beard in the right direction

Always shave your beard in the direction of its growth. Shaving in the opposite direction will cause ingrown hair and pimples.

i Wondering if a moustache or a beard would suit you? Get inspired by our article „How to grow a stylish beard based on a face shape“.

We live in times when it is not attractive to have neglected face in order to feel like a real man. On the contrary. The better your face looks, the more success you will gain with women, at work and with your self-esteem.  

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