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We have prepared a simple guide that will provide you with all the necessary information. 

Selecting a product

You can search for products by entering the name of a specific item, manufacturer or product type in the search box, or by using the category bar. You can compare products easily and also save them into your favourites for later purchases.

Add to your shopping cart and order

After placing all the desired products into your shopping cart, you will receive the expected delivery date. In addition to the full service offer, you will be able to choose the combination of a payment and shipping method that suits you the best.


You will be regularly informed about the delivery status of your parcel, and you can track the shipment through the selected carrier. Check your order upon handover and report any damage to the driver.

Warranty claims

For the fastest claim settlement possible, we recommend contacting an authorized service centre but you can also make a warranty claim with us. We are happy to arrange any post-warranty repairs or maintenance service provided by our technicians.


More information or other services you may be looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I know which service is offered for a selected product?

     A list of services will automatically appear as soon as you add the product into your shopping cart.

  • Is it possible to purchase Extended warranty service after purchasing a product?

    Yes, you can purchase our Extended warranty service anytime within the standard warranty period.

  • Is it possible to purchase Instant replacement after purchasing a product?

    Yes, our Instant replacement service can be purchased within 14 days after placing your order. Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase the service later than that.

  • How do you deal with product replacement in the store when the product is not in stock?

    Product replacement is settled within a maximum of three days.

  • Is it possible to purchase Insurance service after purchasing a product?

    Insurance service can only be purchased the day you receive the product.

  • What is covered by Breakage and Theft Insurance?

    The insurance covers accidental damage to the product that occurs as a result of unexpected external circumstances that limits or interferes with its functionality. It also covers pickpocketing, robbery and burglary.

  • How to proceed in case of damage to the goods?

    Find the guide here.

  • Is it possible to purchase First start service after purchasing a product?

    If your tablet or computer has not been turned on yet, you can purchase First start service even after purchasing a product.

  • If I order First start service, will it have any effect on the delivery time?

    If you order your product with First Start service by 12:00 AM, the product will be delivered the next day. If you place your order after 12:00 AM, the delivery will be made the day after the next one or the day after that.

  • What is the voucher value going to be after two years of use?

    It always depends on the condition of the product. Use our calculator to find out.

  • How is personal data protection handled?

    At, we take customer privacy very seriously, so we have prepared an article with detailed information for you.

  • How is advertising approached?

    For information about advertising, you can read our informative article.

  • How do I receive any electronic goods that I purchased?

    After the payment, the goods will be sent to your email.

  • Do I need to be a registered customer to purchase electronic goods?

    Yes, but only if you are interested in purchasing electronic licenses by Microsoft.

  • I cannot download electronic goods, what should I do?

    If the order is paid and the license cannot be downloaded, we kindly ask you to contact our customer line at 225 340 111. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • The purchased license is not what I expected, can I return it?

    Unfortunately, electronic goods fall into the category of goods that cannot be returned.

  • How do I know the status of my order?

    You can check the status of your order at here .

  • Do I need to be registered to purchase goods?

    No, you don't. You can make purchases without being a registered customer.

  • What does Buy Now mean?

    This refers to an accelerated purchase process that is only available to registered users.

  • How do I know when to pick up my order?

    As soon as your order is ready, you will receive a text message.

  • I'm not able to pick up the order, is it possible to reschedule?

    Yes, the order pickup time can be extended here.

  • I purchased a product, but it doesn't work properly.

    You can return the faulty product within 14 days, in person or by post (with a cover letter) to one of our stores.

  • Can I return a product without giving a reason?

    Yes, our customers can return the goods they purchased without giving a reason within 14 days after purchasing. The product must not be damaged. For detailed conditions, see paragraph IV of our terms and conditions.

  • How do I make a claim?

    If some of our products does not work properly, it is possible to make a claim in the following way: First, we recommend that you find out whether the brand has an authorised service located in the Czech Republic. Claims made with an authorised service are usually handled faster than claims made with the seller. If there is no Czech authorised service, or if you want to make a claim with the seller, it is possible to do so at any of our branches or send the goods to our address.

  • Where can I send the goods that is subject to the claim?

    It can be sent to: - claims, VGP Park, hala H2, Do Čertous 2658/1, 193 00 Praha 9 - Horní Počernice/p>

  • What do I have to include so that my claim is complete?

    It is necessary to include: complete product, a copy of the tax invoice and, if you are sending the goods by post, a cover letter in which the defect will be described. If the product included accessories, add them as well. They may be the cause of the malfunction or may be necessary for proper testing. In the case of TVs, always take the stand as well, as the screen itself could be easily damaged along the way.

  • The accessory is defected, is it necessary to bring the product itself when making a claim?

    Yes, in general, it is not possible to make a claim regarding accessories separately, so we recommend that you always bring the main product with you.

  • Do I need original product packaging?

    The original packaging is not necessary, but it is an appropriate means of storing and transporting the goods.

  • How long will it take to resolve a claim?

    Claims are handled as soon as possible, but never later than 30 days according to the terms stated in Claim code. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with the exact date.

  • Is it possible to speed up the claim process?

    If you need the claim to be resolved immediately, it is necessary to purchase our Instant Replacement service. In other cases, it is not possible to speed the process up.

  • Can someone else pick up my claim?

    Yes, just report this person to us as a contact person. It can be done by phone or via our contact form. It is necessary that the contact person carry the original receipt of the claim.

    If you are a business customer, we will hand over the credit note only to a person listed in the registration.

  • Will I lose my data on my device?

    It's very likely. If a device needs to be repaired, it is set to factory default settings, eliminating the potential negative influence of any third-party applications. We recommend regular data backup not only before making a claim. Read our article on data backup for step-by-step instructions on how to back up phones by different manufacturers.

  • In the service, I received a report that the product is irreparable, what should I do?

    Just send the original to us by post or come to our store. After verifying the protocol with the vendor, we will send you a credit note for a refund.

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