Nice and Comfortable Home Office

Here are a few tips on how to handle working from home as smoothly as possible.

No Pain, A Lot of Gain

We'll help you choose the right chair and accessories for a long day of work.

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Want to Be More Productive?

We'll tell you how to get there with two monitors.

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Home Office brings both advantages and risks

Home office requires planning and self-discipline

If you decide to work from home, it might be a good idea to set fixed working hours and stick to them. Plan your whole workday - if your plan is to get up at 7am, make sure you really get up and start working.

Suitable workspace

You can't have a productive home office without your own workspace. If you live in a house and have enough space, a separate room would be an ideal solution. If you live in an apartment with a limited space, you can create a working corner and equip it with everything you need for your work.

Design your office

Keep your look fresh

Over time, some people who work from home become less concerned about their appearance. Why put on makeup, brush your hair or shave when you aren't going to see anybody that day? We're not suggesting that you sit at home wearing a suit, but a fresh and presentable look should be your business card.

Treat yourself

Communication with people

Being isolated at home can sometimes lead to problems with nonverbal communication. When not working, make sure to spend time with your friends, find out what's going on in the world, meet other people for lunch or a coffee.

Pros and cons of Home Office

Advantages of Home Office

  • Organize your working hours
  • Save time on commuting from home to office
  • Save money on travel expenses
  • Easier to combine work and family life
  • Possibility to work from anywhere = travel opportunities
  • You can still work with a mild illness
  • You can look after your children if they are ill and during school holidays

Disadvantages of Home Office

  • You have to pay for your office equipment
  • You need to organize your work around your family time
  • You may miss regular contact with people
  • Sticking to a work schedule
  • You can get easily distracted (cleaning, television, neighbours, pets, children, etc.)
  • Not being able to get immediate advice and consultation from colleagues in the office