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Quick, Easy and Healthy Recipes for busy Moms and Dads

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Quick, Easy and Healthy Recipes for busy Moms and Dads E-kniha, Anglicky

Elektronická kniha
2013, Anglicky, 60 stran
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Kód:  EK3992 ISBN: 978-80-896-4613-5
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Quick, Easy and Healthy Recipes for busy Moms and Dads Ihneď k čítaniu
????? "I read your book this morning. Just wanted to let you know, that I found your approach and recipes very helpful. I already picked some so I already started in the kitchen and without any hassle." — Miranda, Idaho ????? "I’m a single mom and I want to cook healthy but also quickly. These recipes are just awesome. I especially loved the blueberry cake. My kids now call me „speedy“ in the kitchen :-)." — Ilka, Norway ????? "Thank God I’m not the only one that feels this way after staying at home with my first child. Thanks to your book I now have inspiration and for the first time the guts to go for it. Even looking forward to go shopping for groceries." — Sherry, Ireland ????? "I highly recommend this book. I have tried 4 recipes so far and they really were easy and tasty. I wasn't able to make crepes before, but with authors easy tips and tricks I finally can remember. Good job!" — reader funnysun from Amazon Kindle store ??? SUDDENLY AT HOME WITH YOUR BABY AND HUNGRY? OK, WITHOUT A BABY BUT STILL HUNGRY? ??? This book will give you enough of truly EASY and HEALTHY recipes so you and your baby (or hubby) won‘t starve ?. Now that you‘re at home. I know, you were used to have lunch in the canteen at your work or dine in fancy restaurants – but that was before your whole world turned upside down…sorry to say that... But enough now of chinese delivery and fatty burgers… WITH THESE SIMPLE RECIPES YOU CAN BECOME A STAR IN THE KITCHEN TODAY! SO, WHY SHOULD YOU USE THESE RECIPES – WHEN THERE ARE TONS OF COOK BOOKS AVAILABLE? 1) It’s easy for everyone and for most of the recipes it doesn’t take longer than 30 minutes. 2) You even loose your „baby weight or other overweight“ because these recipes are truly healthy (unless you eat lots of sweets in between...) 3) You can create amazing dishes in blink of an eye. 4) It’s cheap. If you go through the recipes – you will find out, that you already have most of the ingredients in your fridge ?. 5) The best part is – these recipes even taste great! 6) What I offer here is a mixture of assorted recipes under one umbrella – because it’s not only about dinner. ? From the Author Quick, easy and healthy recipes for busy moms and dads was created after my first daughter was born. It was a time of big changes in my life and my life style as well.  I have discovered that cooking for a family does not have to be difficult and complicated. So join my journey into the world of easy healthy cooking and you will find out for your self, that cooking can be fun and easy. ? About the Author I'm not a phenomenon. I'm just a regular busy young mom...who really doesn't like to stand in the kitchen for hours and hours. My inspiration to start came from my friends who encouraged me to collect my recipes and share them with the world.

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