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Rational Reading

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Rational Reading E-kniha, Anglicky

Elektronická kniha
2014, Anglicky, 197 stran
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Kód:  EK11071 ISBN: 978-80-856-2479-3
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After a careful studying of this book, you can read twice faster and remember  1.5 times more from the content, distinguishing important information from padding. If you won´t succeed fully with the e-book, you can rise to your mastery in author´s famous rational reading courses or coaching in English or Czech language.This e-book  brings all what you need at all kinds of perceiving text information by your eyesight, i.e. of READING. It contains theory, exercises and many reading tests with different types of evaluation (creation, multiple choice).  It includes many positive side effect in area of memory, concentration, beating procrastination,  and other communication soft skills.

You can exploit the know-how of this e-book at searching, reading, and studying of all the kinds, from paper sources as well as from the Internet.This can be your starting point to all your other soft skills, to your excellent professional career.The author´s new complex system method of speed-reading and rational reading is preferred by many readers of his books and students of his training courses. During last 25 years, on the Czech book market and education market in the Czech language, David Gruber  defeats hands down all his translated competitors from other countries (incl. USA) what you can derive from selling numbers of his books and trainings on this topic. The evidence about it is definite.

Many years long, Gruber´s Czech classic paper book about rational reading is the most sold bestseller  among thousands managerial literature titles  in the renowned Czech publishing house Management Press Prague. David Gruber is by far the most sold author of the books in area of soft skills and personal development on the Czech market. It isn´t necessary to add any more words… everybody should have it…

From the content: Studying this e-book, you´ll acquire abilities, skills and habits. For those three psychological concepts, we use one common word “weapons” here. There are psychological weapons for your  time management and success here.

Rational Reading Weapons:
Weapon 1 - Optimal Physical Conditions for Reading
Weapon 2 – Font (Script), Distance, Angle (Slanting)
Weapon 3 - Correct Body Position during Reading
Weapon 4 – A Reader´s Notes
Weapon  5 - Managing Articulation
Weapon 6 - Restricting Sub-vocalization in Speed-reading
Weapon 7 - Handling Regression
Weapon 8 - Prolonging the Process of Aggregation
Weapon 9 - Wide Recognition Span (Sight Span)
Weapon 10 - Less Fixations per Line
Weapon 11 - Setting the Goal of the Reading
Weapon 12 – Reviving Previous Experience about the Topic of a Text
Weapon 13 - Mental Activity while Reading
Weapon 14 – Conflict Between what´s Been Read and the Aim of Reading
Weapon 15 – Stop Reading after Reaching the Aim
Weapon 16 – A Reader´s Critical Thinking
Weapon 17 - Internal Dialogue with the Author
Weapon 18 - Anticipating while Reading
Weapon 19 – Empathy
Weapon 20 - High Inner Self-Confidence
Weapon 21 - Mental Formula F-C-E
Weapon 22 – Ignoring
Weapon 23 - Each Text Is Amazingly Interesting
Weapon 24 - The Main Idea of Text
Weapon 25 - Main Points of a Text
Weapon 26 - Important details
Weapon 27 – Distribution of Information Density in a Text
Weapon 28 - Retrospective Recognition (Virtual Skipping)
Weapon 29 – Utilizing Redundant Material
Weapon 30 - Mastering Conflicting Subconscious

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